Ep.5: Austin Perine: Remember to Show Love
Carly welcomes 5-year-old Austin Perine and his dad, TJ, to the leadership conversation. Austin shares about how he began using his allowance to feed the homeless in his city and how that’s grown. They discuss how leadership can be as simple as having the courage to solve problems that are right in front of you.
Ep.4: Lori Gottlieb: You Can’t Figure It Out by Yourself
The show's first therapist guest joins Carly Fiorina for a discussion about human connection. Psychotherapist, and New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Lori Gottlieb, can teach all of us about our relationships with each other through the stories she tells about her clients and her own relationships.
Ep.3: Kay Coles James: The Courage to Collaborate
Carly chats with Kay Coles James. Kay Coles James is a political activist, Founder of the Gloucester Institute, which seeks to gather and train young African Americans, and is the current president of The Heritage Foundation. They talk about the importance of collaborative leadership, diverse teams, and being willing to compromise on strategy but not on principles.
Ep.2: Muffet McGraw: Empowering Women
Carly sits down with Muffet McGraw, Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Notre Dame. They discuss how women are still fighting to be equally represented in many fields - from politics to Fortune 500 boardrooms and in coaching. They also talk about the most important skills Muffet wants her team members to walk away with and the importance of honest feedback.
Ep.1: Shane Battier: It’s Not All About Me
Carly sits down with Shane Battier, retired NBA player and Chairman of the Take Charge Foundation. They talk about the counterculture beliefs surrounding great leadership and how his parents’ influence guided his life and career.