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What is the Community of Practice?

If you want to follow what I’m doing more closely, you’re invited to join the Community of Practice. Individuals across the nation are choosing to lead with me every day.

I often get asked why I’m spending my time these days on lifting up leaders and helping people practice real leadership. I’m focused on leadership because only leaders can solve problems. Leadership isn’t about title, position, or power, it’s about problem-solving first and foremost. And, most critically, leadership isn’t learned in a day.

You may have learned about my philosophies on leadership through my podcast By Example, or attended a conference or event I keynoted. Some of you are familiar with my foundation Unlocking Potential, or Carly Fiorina Enterprises, and have attended one of our capacity-building programs. However we’ve become acquainted, I am grateful that you would like your journey to involve me and my team.

Growing our own capacity as leaders takes time. For those of you who have chosen to lead alongside me, you are part of this Community. This Community of Practice is building a different type of leader by promoting the practice of problem-solving skills, allowing development over time, and encouraging you to build your own capacity and capacity of those around you.

Kết quả xổ số HaojiangI want you to solve the problems right in front of you – and change the order of things for the better in the place you call your community. Join the Community of Practice and let me lift you up.



Join the Community of Practice by subscribing to Carly’s newsletter. You’ll receive emails a couple times a month with updates, problem-solving tools, and thought-provoking advice from Carly.


The next Community of Practice call will be announced in the coming weeks for the first quarter of 2020. To RSVP and join the call submit the form below. We will email you the call information when it gets closer to the time of the call.

This allows us to call you to let you join the call directly.